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🏆 CryptoHacker of the Year 2017

CryptoHackers is a place where the most inspiring and openminded cryptocurrency industry leaders share their vision and philosophy to the crowd.

Every year the will be one winner – the one who is the most open, the most giving and the most diligent founder. Leader, who made the most powerful emotional touch.

Meet the CryptoHacker of the Year 2017 – Hari Krishna! Check out the dedicated page with a 3D trophy:
December 24th 2017

🌟 New Thumbs

I’ve spent a lot of hours and redrewn all the posts’ thumbnails from scratch. I want CryptoHackers to be a community which one is proud be in. Like Hollywood Walk of Fame, but for cryptocurrency industry leaders.
November 16th 2017

🎂 Sweet Design

Updated the banner on the home page. Refresh the page to see its power. Also added awesome emoji reactions to the posts. Go and check it out!
October 13th 2017

🙋 More is More

Great news! The CH Telegram Community has reached 25 members! I plan to grow a strong and friendly community of crypto founders and their fans. Also improved styles of the site making posts more pleasant for eyes.
October 12th 2017

👋 Welcome!

I have sent 10 more invitations welcoming great guys. Looking forward for their replies

crypto hackers invitation
October 6th 2017

🐟 Connection

Joshua Petty from CryptoAquarium connected me with some cool founders like Dylan (CryptoMinded) and Kaspars (CryptoPanic). Expect more awesome content soon.
September 16th 2017

👊 First Post

Oh yeah! The very first interview is posted! Thanks to Hari Krishna for his exciting story of creating ACrypto (advanced price tracker for Android). I loved Hari’s patience and his cold mind. Many young entrepreneurs today are hungry for fast VC money, but Hari has no greed.
September 13th 2017

🎸 Invitations

First invitations sent! The photos look lame but it is the effect I wanted to achieve: handmade home photos. However, I’d be better to draw the CryptoHackers logo on the whiteboard, not text.
September 8th 2017

🚀 Here we go!

This project was founded within 1 day during the CryptoFever (read the story on medium). The main goal now is to find someone who will want to be interviewed on an empty website.
September 5th 2017

Latest Heroes

Fabian Vogelsteller interview evangelist
March 3, 2018

Fabian Vogelsteller

Fabian is the creator ERC-20 standard, lead DApp developer at Ethereum Foundation. He works on Mist and web3. Q: Hi Fabian! Can you tell us about yourself and what you're

Dmitriy_Lavrov_trader community
February 16, 2018

Dmitriy Lavrov

Dmitriy is a professional trader, top TradingView member, and founder of Tradunity.

CEO of Gatecoin exchange
December 4, 2017


Aurelien is CEO of Gatecoin – the cryptocurrency exchange based in Hong Kong.