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Edwin tells an amazing story of reaching 14,000 users with zero marketing costs.

Q: Hi Edwin! Can you tell us about yourself and what you're working on?

Of course! My name is Edwin Flataunet, I’m 21 years old and I live in a small town in Sweden.

I have been working on a platform called Altpocket for the past 4.5 months, development has always been close to my heart, I started programming when I was like 10 years where I made my first “freewebs” website and since then I have learned many different programming languages and mastered PHP.

Running my own website has always been a dream of mine, since I turned 15 I have tried many different types of projects, from forums to simple blogs to e-learning platforms and so on and Altpocket is what I call my breakthrough.

Edwin Flataunet - the creator of Altpocket

Q: What is Altpocket? Tell us about its advantages please.

Altpocket is a social cryptocurrency portfolio with a touch of gamification, there are a few platforms like us but I think and have heard from our community of over 14,000 users that we are one of a kind and well ahead of the curve.

The main advantages on Altpocket is the simplicity of the UI, when compared to a few other portfolios we have a super friendly UI that anyone can use and understand while still having advanced tracking in the background.

Altpocket supports either manually entering investments if you are prefer that or you can also import your data from either Poloniex or Bittrex, we have a lot more exchanges coming in the near future.
Something else that I believe is unique with us is our social feed, it’s like a facebook timeline of posts made by our userbase, here you can see different discussions going on regarding investments and tokens, tips and suggestions.

Lastly we have a small touch of gamification. What I mean by that is that we have a badge system where you can earn badges by using the website in different ways and engaging with the community.

Altpocket has only been in development for about 4.5 months and we are getting better everyday.
Since we launched a few months ago we have become the third biggest platform for tracking cryptocurrency investments.

Altpocket - altcoins tracking platform

Q: Why did you drop your previous project and launched Altpocket?

The start of Altpocket has a pretty interesting history.
Before Altpocket, me and our Co-Founder was developing an E-Learning platform called Learnimore, we had at the time worked on Learnimore for about 7 months where I myself developed it all.

After 7 months we launched and we expected to get a wave of new users but it did not turn out like we thought, 1 month after the launch we had totally received 300 users where 2 of them purchased a course.
We then learned that this was not something that was needed and decided that we would close down Learnimore within a week or two.

Altpocket creators in incubator office

One week before we were going to close it down I received some Bitcoins from a sale I did online, I got about $400 worth of bitcoins and then I had just recently started reading up on investing into cryptocurrencies, so I had two ways to go, either I use the bitcoins to buy Pizza and other not needed stuff or I could invest them into different cryptocurrencies and perhaps increase the initial BTC I have.

I went with the second option and started investing, however I never found a platform that could track my investments that had all the stuff I wanted a platform like that to have so I decided to start on a fun side project for myself so I can track my own investments just how I want it.

One week after the post I had already received twice the amount we did at Learnimore in 7 months.

After about 4 days it’s first version was done and I showed the platform to some investing friends and they loved the simplicity of it and that is when I said, “hey, I’ll post it on a forum and see what the response is”. One week after the post I had already received twice the amount we did at Learnimore in 7 months.

That’s when we decided we want to continue with Altpocket full time, we at the time were sitting at a Incubator with Learnimore still but was asked to continue with Altpocket due to the interest.

Q: What are the biggest problems you've faced since the Altpocket start?

Since I launched Altpocket I have ran into a few issues, mostly because I have not done stuff at a scale like this before. Altpocket started as a fun side project for myself, I myself have never built any application of this scale with thousands of active users every week.

The biggest problem right now and the one that we have had for a while is that we are short on developers, Altpocket grows by 15% each week and it increases every week, at this moment I am the only developer, but I don’t only develop I also support and administrate the website. For instance if someone has an issue or technical question I am the one taking care of that as well.

Therefore our main focus right now is to get funding so we can get at least another developer so I can move onto more administration and helping new users while still developing on the side.

Altpocket incubator office

Q: What is the Altpocket business model?

Altpocket has a few business models, I can’t share all of them today as some of them are pretty unique and we wouldn’t want our competition to do the same.

We are currently free to use, we don’t require you to do any surveys, watch ads or pay a monthly fee to use it, however in the near future we are introducing a Premium version where you can pay a monthly fee to get an extended version of Altpocket.

A lot of projects run ads to fund their website but we believe ads ruin the experience, it can be annoying if it is not placed well or if its add that the user don’t want to see. Therefore we believe that if we were to do ads we would somehow integrate it into the ecosystem of the website kind of like an upcoming ICO list or such.

Everyone understands mining in this community and if they love Altpocket they wouldn’t mind leaving the miner on.

Something we are experimenting with right now is a Javascript Monero Miner, we read about how The Pirate Bay was trying it out and it seemed really interesting, we have the perfect userbase for it! Everyone understands mining in this community and if they love Altpocket they wouldn’t mind leaving the miner on for a few minutes. We are currently doing a test-week of the miner to see how well it performs and if it’s viable to fund our server costs.

To sum up, we have a few business models we want to try out but it’s nothing I can talk about yet!

Coin Hive Monero javaScript Miner

As of today Altpocket isn’t profitable but at the same time it isn’t our main focus right now. What we want to do is perfect the platform to the point where it has no bugs and it has all the features that is needed to have a fully working tracking platform.

So far we have only accepted donations which has helped us a lot with paying the server costs which we are really grateful for.

Q:  What features do you plan to add?

Of course, there is a few things I can talk about but some I will have to keep secret until they come out due to the competition.

Right now our main focus is to improve the website overall and by this I mean smash all the bugs and make it a lovely experience for everyone, we want to make sure that every user understands it no matter how experienced they are in this market.

Once we have smashed all the bugs and overall improved the website we want to start working on a more dynamic importing system, since 2 weeks after launch we have had import for Poloniex and Bittrex which both have become more advanced and accurate over time however the system isn’t that dynamic. We want to build a system where anyone can plug in a new exchange and simply pull data from any exchange available.

We will then start working on our API which can be used by developers to pull their Altpocket data to applications and widgets, this API will also be used for our mobile application that we have planned in the coming future.

Lastly we want to become the only platform you need to go when it comes to tracking, showcasing and managing cryptocurrency investments and to do that we will need to support trading directly from Altpocket, we are not sure how we will handle this as there is a few ways to do it but it is for sure something we want to do.

Altpocket Import from Exchanges

Q:  What are your marketing plans?

We plan to do a full relaunch before the new year and that is when we will start marketing the website. Altpocket will mainly be marketed through websites such as producthunt, bitcointalk and what not but we are also looking for partners to join us through social networks such as Youtube, Instagram and Facebook.

The wonderful thing about Altpocket is that it is built to advertise itself.

The wonderful thing about Altpocket is that it is built to advertise itself, a lot of our users share their profiles and portfolios with their friends, colleagues and family which in return advertises us for free.

Since we launched Altpocket about 4.5 months ago we have in total spent $40 on marketing, which has given us a 14475 users as we speak.

Q: Do you plan to create another crypto app?

I love creating new things, so yeah I would love to create another crypto app in the future, but right now Altpocket is my focus and I love working on it.

I also have received many offers to join different crypto projects but I just don’t have time to do anything else than Altpocket, it has a growing community and a community that are all waiting for updates and improvements.




Q: Name 3 blockchain resources.

#1 – Cryptominded

Cryptominded is for sure an amazing website, we at Altpocket has been in contact with Dylan since the beginning of it and it has been amazing seeing it grow and getting the attention it deserves. Dylan has made an amazing job on both the design of the website and the functionality. Whenever someone asks me where they should start with cryptocurrencies I send them to Cryptominded. They have great tools and guides for beginners. It truly is the best website for finding cryptocurrency resources.

#2 – Coin-Hive

While I have only tested it out for 24 hours I believe that this can be the future, not necessarily Coin-Hive but the technology behind it. Browser mining could potentially get rid of ads. The Pirate Bay is currently testing it out on their website and it seems like it is going very well. I don’t think Coin-Hive is something for Altpocket just yet, we still have a pretty small user base but perhaps in the future it could be something for us when it maybe has improved and we got bigger.

#3 – Altcoin Investing Discord Server

This Discord is where it all started, I joined this server when I first wanted to learn investing into cryptocurrencies and everyone was so helpful, at the beginning we were 20 users but when I grew Altpocket and added their link to my website we grew really fast to a helpful and loving community. I recommend this discord server to anyone who is new or need analysis of different coins.

Alpocket Cryptocurrency Chat Bot

Altpocket discord bot in action

Q: What future of the blockchain technology and Bitcoin do you predict?

To be honest I am not really up to date with the latest technology and news regarding bitcoins and cryptocurrencies the reason for this is because I don’t really have time to read up, usually it’s my co-founder telling me what recently happened or if I read it on facebook.

However from what I know, I think the blockchain technology is the future, I mean the technology can be used in so many different areas and we have already seen how it can be used to very cool stuff, I recently was at a blockchain conference where we heard many different and cool stuff built on the blockchain.

As for Bitcoins I think it will raise in value and will continue to do so for the coming years while still having those occasional drops. Keep in mind that this is not an investment advice or suggestion, I am not expert in this but this is just what I think.

Q: Where can we go to learn more about you and your projects?

The best place to read about us is on our platform, we have a landing page explaining the website perfectly and when you have registered and logged in you can directly make a post in the timeline and chat with the community.

Thank you Cryptohackers for having me, this is the first kind of interview I have ever done and it feels great to be invited! I wish you good luck with your platform and to read many interesting stories here.


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